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3rd Chapter and Board Planning

Last Saturday, February 12, 2022, the REBAP Ortigas Chapter had its 3rd Chapter and Board Planning. It was held from 6:30 - 8pm, after the REBAP National Planning which took place from 8:30am - 5pm.

The opening prayer was led by CRB Cecille Dignadice.

The President's report included the Chapter Action Plans (Key Result Areas, Key Performance Indicators, Performance Targets, and Action Steps), social media campaigns, and website updates.

The VP Internal's report included the retention rate update, membership count update, and awards and recognition plans.

The VP External's report included the developer accreditations, CPD plans and timeline, training plans and timeline, and deadlines of taxes and payments.

The VP MIS' report included the website statistics, plans for website and social media, use of the REBAP National MLX, and joining of the Telegram and Viber groups of REBAP National.

The Auditor's report included the annual dues and Sponsorship Letter for 2022.

For the Business Matters/Exchange Listings Portion, the Ortigas Listings Mastery and Industry and Government Updates portion were divided among the REBAP Ortigas Chapter Officers and members. The sharing of real estate learnings was done by CRB and Treasurer Doris Nokom.

The closing prayer was led by CRB and Auditor Zenaida Sena.

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