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REBAP National Planning

Last February 12, 2022, REBAP had the REBAP National Planning attended by hundreds of chapter officers across 40 chapters nationwide. The officers in attendance were the Presidents, VP Internals, VP Externals, VP Finance, VP MIS, Treasurers, Auditors, and PROs.

REBAP Ortigas was represented by its Chapter President (Pauline Gianna R. Orillosa), VP Internal (Dianne Althea R. Orillosa), VP External (Cecille Dignadice), VP Finance (Marissa Auyong), VP MIS (Charles Ramos), Treasurer (Rhodora Nokom), and Auditor (Zenaida Sena).

The program started with the Broadcasting, followed by the Opening Protocol (Doxology, National Anthem, REBAP Hymn, REBAP Credo) led by VP MIS Roi, Opening Remarks led by Chairman Jim, Welcome Remarks led by President Mike, Servant Leadership and Performance Management System conducted by Ma'am Eyra and Sir Paul, Roadmap Presentation (7-Point Agenda) presented by Chairman Jim and President Mike, Internal presentation by VP Nyre, External presentation by VP Daisy, Finance presentation by VP Esme, MIS presentation by VP Roi, Auditor & Treasurer presentation by Treasurer Cora and Auditor Girlie, PRO presentation by PRO Sigmund, then the Break-out Rooms, after which were the presentations by 1 Chapter VP Representative, i.e., Chapter VP Internal Presentation, Chapter VP External Presentation, Chapter VP Finance-Treasurer-Auditor Presentation, Chapter VP MIS-PRO Presentation, then the Final Words by Ma'am Eyra and Sir Paul, Wrap-up & Closing Prayer, and finally, the Fellowship/Picture.

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